White Cheddar Gnocchi

This is what happens when y’all ask me for healthy recipes. Look, I’m a balanced girl. I like healthy stuff. But this blog is the food that I LOVE. The food that makes me do a lil’ dance when I eat it. So y’all are getting gnocchi and I’m not sorry. This recipe is essentiallyContinue reading “White Cheddar Gnocchi”

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Banana Bread

I can sense you’re judging me right now. I know… just because I CAN do something doesn’t mean I SHOULD. I blame my whimsical inner child. Banana bread is amazing. Moist, sweet, warm and dense. But you know what banana bread doesn’t have? Crunch. The cereal crumble adds a different texture that isn’t nuts (IContinue reading “Cinnamon Toast Crunch Banana Bread”

Pretzel Pepperjack Chicken

Remember when we used to go to restaurants? Back in those days, my appetizer was always soft pretzel bites with cheese to dip in. *sheds a tear* That’s what this tastes like y’all. I’m normally so critical of my food, but I took a bite of this, looked at my husband, and informed him thatContinue reading “Pretzel Pepperjack Chicken”

Shrimp Tacos

I want to dedicate this recipe to 2015. The year every female bought a t-shirt that said “feed me tacos and tell me I’m pretty.” It’s so cringe-y, but the sentiment stands. All anyone really needs is tacos and compliments. Although you probably should drink water too. Hey. Go drink some water. So, there areContinue reading “Shrimp Tacos”

Butterscotch Potato Chip Cookies

Before you ask. No. I’m not pregnant. Guys, when I posted these, I got so many Instagram messages that said either “gross” or “are you pregnant?” LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. When I retire from the corporate world and open my small-town bakery (a la Hallmark) I will make these cookies daily and I willContinue reading “Butterscotch Potato Chip Cookies”

Peanut Butter-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

You know what I love about American food culture? We’re are convinced that the best kind of food is STUFFED. For example: baked potatoes are better stuffed with sour cream & bacon. Pizza crust is better stuffed with cheese. I feel like I should also mention the monstrosity of a “turducken” was invented here. It’sContinue reading “Peanut Butter-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies”

Buffalo Chicken Dip

I’m an appetizer girl. No, not a normal person who eats one appetizer and an entree. I am the person who orders 3 appetizers in lieu of a meal. Anytime I go out to eat I end up surrounded by plates with my pants unbuttoned. Sexy, I know. Truthfully, I made this recipe because I’mContinue reading “Buffalo Chicken Dip”

Corn & Potato Chowder

Hmmm… it’s 90 degrees outside today. You know what sounds good? HOT THICK CHOWDER. I truly don’t know why I’ve been craving corn chowder lately, given the Florida heat. (NO I’m not pregnant, leave me alone). I’m also NOT a soup person. I can’t relate to people who actually like mushy veggies and noodles inContinue reading “Corn & Potato Chowder”

Homemade Biscuits

I’ve been on a biscuit journey. My kitchen has seen many failed biscuits. Flat ones, crumbly ones, burnt ones, you name it. I have rage-quit making biscuits many times. I really think I just over-complicate it. After many mornings flinging biscuit dough around my kitchen and mumbling swear words, I’ve got a recipe that’s idiot-proof.Continue reading “Homemade Biscuits”

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